Poznań Accordion Quintet
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The Poznań Accordion Quintet is one of a few such kind ensembles over the world. This group was founded on Profesor Henryk Krzemiński’s initiative, lecturer of Accordion Master Class of the Academy of Music by the name of Ignacy Jan Paderewski in Poznań, Poland.

At the beginning, the Quintet was composed of Profesor Henryk Krzemiński’s students, and next his graduates of the Poznań academy. The quintet’s artistic activity is conducted more than thirty years. In that period the group performed more over thousend concerts in Poland as well as on the stage in Europe such as in : Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France. The Quintet also made a few radio and TV recordings in Poland, Sweden and France.

In the May, 1990 the Poznań Accordion Quintet became the laureate of the GRAND PRIX of the International Chamber Ensembles Competition in Paris, France.

The high performing level of the Poznań Accordion Quintet musicians and the outstanding quality of these instruments – allows to present very interesting interpretations of various music styles. Artists are playing with the concert instruments of famous italian brands as : GIULIETTI, BORSINI and ZERO SETTE. This accordions are similar to the traditional instruments only from the outside. To distinguish them from the traditional accordions, this instruments have large sound possibilities. Their sound scales and their regestrial dispositions allow not only playing the music originally written for accordion but also on preparing stylistically true transcriptions of the famous works from past epochs.

The Poznań Accordion Quintet has a very rich and varied repertoire, which are: the greatest works transcriptions of the ancient masters, modern music, arrangements of pop / jazz music and original compositions, written especially for accordion or accordion quintet. The authors of the most of the arrangement works are: Professor Henryk Krzemiński and the other present Quintet’ musicians..

the Quintet is performing in a following personal composition of:

Jerzy Siemak
accordion I
Jarosław Buczkowski
accordion II
Waldemar Marek Bartnik
accordion III
Karol Jankowski
accordion IV
Roman Rydz
bass accordion

All of the musicians are both graduates
of Professor Henryk Krzemiński’s
Accordion Master Class of the Academy of Music
by the name of Ignacy Jan Paderewski in Poznań, Poland
and they are as well lecturers as teachers in all levels
of the polish musical school-system